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Assistant Director: Dr. Ranice Monroe
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Home School Inquiries Regarding EOC Exam

Welcome to the Home Education Program (HEP) Office’s website. The site contains information and resources to assist you as you home educate your child(ren). Our office will mail you an acknowledgement letter when we receive your notice of intent to establish a Home Education Program. We hope you find this information useful.

The purpose of the Home Education Program is to permit parents to comply with the compulsory school attendance law while teaching their child(ren) at home. For the purpose of this document, “parent” refers to the parent or guardian.

To establish a Home Education Program, a parent must provide written notice to the district school superintendent of his/her intent to establish and maintain a home education program. The home education program applies only to students ages six (6) through sixteen (16). Information regarding Kindergarten is included in the packet.

Requirements of the home education program are outlined in Florida Statutes and are provided in this packet. Please click on the links to the Summary of Home Education Requirements and the Home Education FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for more information on the Home Education Program.

Essential Documents:

  • Home Education Packet-PDF
  • Notice of Intent to Establish Home Education Program – Registration Form
  • Notice of Termination of Home Education Program Form
  • Annual Evaluation Notice Form 2011-2012

The parent who assumes responsibility for educating a child at home also assumes the responsibility for providing curriculum, educational materials, and evaluations necessary to determine student progress. The school system does not supply textbooks, curriculum guides, or educational standards for the home-educated student.

Please keep this information with your important papers as it will be a valuable reference for you in the coming months.

Enrollment Procedures and Forms

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